Tutoring Payment

Form of Payment:

E-transfer to ms.s.teachalot@gmail.com when meeting online via Skype.

Cash when meeting in person.


One-on-One Tutoring: 


Group Tutoring*:

Group of 2: $30/hour/person

Group of 3: $25/hour/person

Group of 4: $20/hour/person

*Your tutor does not make groups unless you have requested Ms Teachalot to make a group for you; Sara cannot guarantee that she will have enough students interested in a group to make one  for you. 

Groups are usually made by the client (e.g. the client brings a friend).

Groups must consist of students who are in the exact same class and are working at a similar ability.

For students meeting occasionally:

Your email address will be added to a mailing list. I will send a group email weekly regarding my availability for the coming week. These times are available either because someone cancelled their regularly scheduled meeting (see my schedule for possible meeting times) or they are weekend appointments. I work some, but not all weekends.

Respond to the email with your requested time. Once your request is confirmed as still available you will have one hour to send an e-transfer of $40/hour for your appointment. If your payment is not received within the hour your requested time will become available for the next student requesting that time.

For students meeting on a weekly basis for the semester:

Payment for the month is due on the first of every month.

The table below shows the amounts due on the first of each month. 

An asterisk (*) indicates the amount you would pay if you plan to not meet on the holiday of that month.

I tutor on the following holidays: Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Heritage Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday and Victoria Day.

Depending on the number of students meeting with me on the holiday, the schedule may change.

For example: If you wish to meet me on Mondays, you would pay $160 for the month of September if you plan to meet Labour Day. If you choose to skip meeting on Labour Day then you would pay $120.

Extra tutoring appointments outside your regularly scheduled weekly meeting:

Those who meet with me weekly can pick up extra tutoring times via group emails sent weekly. See "For students meeting occasionally" above. 

Exam Months:

Payments may be different for high school and university students during exam months. It is your responsibility to inform me of your exam date as soon as the exam schedule becomes available so we can adjust your payment for that month; otherwise, you will pay for the entire month.

Exam months are as follows:

For high school students: January and June

For university students: December and April

Breaks (Study Breaks and March Breaks):

I will allow for one skipped appointment during the break set by your university's calendar and the public school system's calendar. If you chose to take an extended break (for example, the Friday before and the Monday after the break) then you will be required to pay for those appointments to reserve your regularly scheduled weekly meeting. Private school students sometimes have a longer break. I will allow skipping payment on one of those weeks.

I continue to tutor during the breaks and will assume you will be meeting me then unless you inform me otherwise. It is your responsibility to inform me of your plans; otherwise, you will pay for the entire month.

The breaks are as follows:

High School: March 15th-19th

University: Nov.9th-13th and Feb.15th-19th (based on Dalhousie University; your school may be different and it's important you let me know).

Summer Months (July and August):

I do tutor during the summer months.

I will have more information regarding scheduling and payments during the summer months of 2021 once the university schedules and important dates are released.