Face Masks

I make and sell 3D face masks, including smile masks with a vinyl window. 

Smile masks are great for teachers, psychologists, speech pathologists, people who work with or have family who are hard of hearing or deaf, and anyone who works with children. They really are great for everyone. How many times have you needed to ask a cashier to repeat themselves lately? If you saw their face you probably wouldn't have as much difficulty understanding them.

The masks are made to order.

You choose the following:

  1. Type of mask: regular or smile mask (with vinyl window like the middle photo above)
  2. The fabric
  3. Elastics or ties
  4. Nose wire or none

To view the fabrics available, please visit my Facebook page: Sarandipitous Creations

The fabrics can be found in the "face masks" album.

The description of the album and the pinned post at the top of my page will give you all the details including measurements of the adult and child masks, prices, payment, and delivery.

Please message me via the Sarandipitous Creations Facebook page to place an order.

I also post on Instagram: Sarandipitous Creations