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I am currently booking students for the fall semester. 

You can view the schedule in the pdf file at the bottom of this page. Spaces in yellow are still available for a weekly meeting for the fall semester.

Monday-Thursday 3:30-8:30pm times are reserved for high school students.  Once my long term clients have had a chance to book with me I will be able to offer these times to university students if I have the time available.   

To reserve your space, you will be required to pay for all scheduled tutoring sessions for the month of September.  If you are not ready to begin tutoring the week of September 5th you can either pay to reserve your space and not come to the tutoring sessions until you are ready, or wait until you are ready for tutoring before reserving a space and pay then.  Contact me if you wish to reserve a space.

If you do not need to meet on a weekly basis I can add you to my email cancellation list and send you weekly updates via e-mail concerning my availability for the week.  These times are available due to cancellations made by students who meet on a weekly basis.  You can view my schedule in the pdf file below to have an idea of my hours and locations that will be available due to cancellations.  Read the times to the left carefully since not all times are the same every day.  The legend at the top of the page will indicate the meeting location.  Contact me if you'd like to be added to the cancellation list. 

Students who meet with me on a weekly basis are also added to the cancellation list.  During test and exam periods some students wish to meet more than once a week and can have extra tutoring sessions via someone else's cancellation.  

In December I will begin booking university students for the winter semester.  Check back at this page to see updates or contact me to request placement on my winter mailing list.  I will send an email to inform students when I begin booking.

Not in Halifax?  Request a tutoring time via Skype!

For updates, you can request to be placed on a mailing list (summer, fall, winter, or spring), check back here, follow me on Twitter, or like my Facebook page.

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