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Math, Statistics, and Chemistry Tutoring 

in Halifax, NS and Online

Services for Secondary and Post Secondary Students


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  • Unable to receive extra help from your teacher or professor because your schedules conflict?
  • Trying to make sense of the class you're taking by distance education?
  • Having difficulty being motivated to complete your assignments for a course you are taking by correspondence?
  • Are you returning to school after years in the workforce and worried about forgetting fundamental concepts in Math and Chemistry?
  • Terrified of the transition from grade 9 to grade 10 Math?

Whatever the reason for additional assistance for learning, Sara can identify your needs and teach you to become an efficient and confident learner.

What makes Ms Teachalot Tutoring different from other tutors and tutoring companies?

  • Sara is a certified teacher: she not only knows the subject matter, but she knows how to present the material from the building blocks up!
  • Sara has 4 years of experience teaching in the Halifax Regional School Board: she knows the school terminology, is familiar with your curriculum, and knows the teaching methods your teacher uses in class.
  • Sara has over 10 years experience tutoring full time, with over 40 hours of tutoring per week: she spends more time giving lessons than your teacher or professor does!
  • Working with students from junior high through to post-secondary school, Sara has a unique perspective on teaching: for students in lower level classes, she is able to give advice regarding future classes and can prepare you for those classes; for students in higher level classes, she is able to identify fundamental skills and knowledge you lack and can re-teach those building blocks.
  • Sara's teaching methods are flexible: with so much experience with so many different types of learners, Sara has learned how to identify your learning style and can adjust her teaching to best reflect your learning.

It is never too soon to seek assistance. 

Waiting until test time may be too late. 

Get a head start and develop learning skills that will last

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